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Travel Insurance

Taking a trip? Don’t forget to pack travel insurance. If you don’t, your souvenir could be costly medical bills. Why travel insurance? Here are 3 good reasons…

Provincial health plans don’t cover everything

Reciprocal agreements between provinces and territories vary and they don’t cover:
  • Ambulance charges
  • Family visitation
  • Repatriation
  • Return of vehicle

If you’re injured or become ill while traveling outside Canada, MCP will only pay the prescribed fee in their plan, regardless of the fee charged where the injury or illness occurred, or any other costs involved.

Credit Card coverage often has limitations

If you have coverage through your credit card, it may have limitations or restrictions. Review your contract thoroughly for details. You may want to purchase additional coverage for complete protection. Check for the following:

Travel duration:

You can’t purchase travel insurance once you leave Newfoundland. Check the length of stay covered and any restrictions based on age.

Emergency Medical Care Coverage:

Blue Cross offers the option of a medical questionnaire for individuals age 61 or older with a chronic illness. This option is not always available with credit card coverage.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption:

Most credit card companies do not cover trip interruption or cancellation and when covered, the maximums are not enough to protect your investment.

Group insurance often has limitations on coverage

Read your contract carefully for any limitations in your group insurance plan. Check for the following:

Emergency Medical Care costs:

It’s common for group insurance plans to cover only a small portion of emergency medical care. If there’s a deductible, you’re often required to pay in advance and be reimbursed when you return home.

Trip Cancellation & Baggage:

Group plans usually don’t include trip cancellation and baggage coverage. When it is included, the amounts are rarely enough to protect your trip investment.