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Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you know the importance of insuring your building, stock and equipment. But you may not be aware of other options to keep you covered so you can keep taking care of business.

Commercial General Liability

A Commercial Liability policy protects your business in case you are sued.

Commercial Liability covers:
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Medical payments
  • Tenant’s legal liability

Business Interruption Insurance

Half of all businesses fail to re-open after a loss because they couldn’t meet their continuing expenses during the period of interruption. BI Insurance is designed to help your business survive a prolonged interruption. It covers continuing expenses, as well as net profit lost. Could your business survive a prolonged interruption without BI Insurance?

Crime Insurance

Forty per cent of crimes are property crimes, and 75 per cent of those are never solved by police. 25 per cent of all bankruptcies are the result of crime. Standard policies are limited in scope. Physical and electronic protection devices are not 100 per cent effective 100 per cent of the time. Crime insurance provides added protection.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are now the #1 cause of business interruption. Cyber insurance will ensure your business can survive the impact of a cyber security breach, such as: online hacking, theft of credit card or social security numbers, medical or healthcare information; accidental loss or sharing of personal information; loss or theft of paper records from an office location.